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Bloomin’ News

Bloomin’ News

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Leave it to Southern California’s floriculture industry to cultivate and support a trade publication that’s as engaging as it is timely and informative. But that’s precisely what Bloomin’ News is, and has been, for over 60 years. Published quarterly, Bloomin’ News regularly serves up its own down-to-earth take on industry news and topics to more than 5,000 growers, wholesalers, vendors, retail florists, designers, event and wedding planners. Amazingly, this popular publication covers local, regional and even global happenings, while also keeping the industry connected to its past, present and future.

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Fall 2014


If it can be imagined, it can be done. That’s an amazingly empowering philosophy for a florist with 500 square foot space. But it’s that strong belief – that anything the customer requests can be achieved – that has led Chris Matsumoto from that small flower shop of 30 years ago to the 13,000 square foot work space, where he now designs for events of all sizes from coast to coast.

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Summer 2014

BN-Summer2014 cover - web

“Inviting and artful” is the expression Adrienne Moore uses to describe the environment she creates to enhance each client’s unique story. When a bride-to-be says she wants a Moroccan wedding theme, bird cages with vines and flowers, or retro Palm Springs visuals, Moore’s imagination goes into high gear. Building upon a strong art and design college education, her sharp eye for color and composition becomes a valuable tool that typically results in a lot of oohs, aahs and happy wedding parties.

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Spring 2014


Pastels will be forever entrenched in floral designs for Easter and Mother’s Day, but this year, take a cue from the fashion industry, which adds a splash of boldness to Spring. Pantone, the global authority on color, reports 2014 Spring fashion colors include calm pastels and neutrals along with exciting citrus, blue and purple shades.

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