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Leave it to Southern California’s floriculture industry to cultivate and support a trade publication that’s as engaging as it is timely and informative. But that’s precisely what Bloomin’ News is, and has been, for over 60 years. Published quarterly, Bloomin’ News regularly serves up its own down-to-earth take on industry news and topics to more than 5,000 growers, wholesalers, vendors, retail florists, designers, event and wedding planners. Amazingly, this popular publication covers local, regional and even global happenings, while also keeping the industry connected to its past, present and future.

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Spring 2013

Jan Wilder launched FlowerFusion in 2007 with no customer list, a brand new phone number and no name recognition. Yet in the last 5 years, FlowerFusion has grown in its Southern California home. Wilder credits The Original Los Angeles Flower Market for their reliable supply and the ability to visualize her future floral creations while walking through the aisles. Now that her business has blossomed, Wilder’s creations grace weddings weekly and has won the Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire for three years.

Learn more about Wilder and catch up on all the latest floral industry news in the Spring 2013 issue of Bloomin’ News.

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Winter 2013

The Goldberg family has been growing flowers for four generations. During the Great Depression, single mother Gertrude Goldberg and her children began selling flowers purchased from a potato peeler salesman. The farm they started was across the street from a cemetery in Salt Lake City, and business boomed. After World War II and the Korean War, Gertrude’s son LeRoy moved to Oxnard and began his own greenhouse farm named Skyline Flowers. Today, LeRoy’s children and grandchildren continue the family tradition of growing and selling flowers from their nurseries in Oxnard and Nipomo.

Read more about the Skyline Flowers and the Goldberg family in the Winter 2013 issue of The Bloomin’ News!

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Fall-Winter 2012

When the Sumabat family bought Fitzgerald’s Flower Shop in 1990, they had no idea what they were in for. Reina Sumabat AIFD CFD says that the past 22 years have seen many exciting changes in the floral industry, from design to styles and trends. Along with her husband Ferdinand, Reina has learned along the way how to divide the work that comes with flower shop ownership: Ferdinand does the buying at The Original LA Flower Market, paperwork and driving, while Reina handles customer service, design, merchandising and keeps the shop clean.

Read more about the Sumabat family and Fitzgerald’s Flower Shop in the Fall 2012 issue of The Bloomin’ News!

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