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Everyone’s Talking About The Original Los Angeles Flower Market.

Given its long and rich heritage within the community, the remarkable diversity of its floral products, services and vendors, as well as it historic location, there’s always something special happening at The Original Los Angeles Flower Market.

We invite you to browse our library of recent Press Releases to get a better idea and appreciation of all we have to offer to both the trade and the public.

Fall 2016


If you ask Ramiro Gonzalez Jr. (“Junior”) how his business at the Original Los Angeles Flower Market began, he won’t hesitate to credit his father, Ramiro Gonzalez Sr., for building a foundation upon which the business grew and prospered, even in tough times…

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Summer 2016


On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, my partner and sister, Casey Schwartz and I found ourselves surrounded by a rainbow of blooming ranunculus and dining on splendid cuisine, wine, beer and coffee, all locally grown. We were two of the 145 guests seated for an American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour, part of a nationwide tour of pop-up dinners being held in the middle of flower fields…

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Los Angeles Downtown News: Flower Market Tops Sun Power

The solar panel project, completed over the summer, was covered by Los Angeles Downtown News. The story highlights the features of the solar panels as well as the city departments and initiatives that helped fund the project. City involvement and incentives included a $600,000 rebate from the Solar Incentive Program, which funded the purchase of the panels.

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